Green Point provides a variety of services to help you grow your business.


Regular follow up and accountability are key to establishing a successful business. Phone, onsite and webinars are key to a successful mentoring a small business.

Strategic Planning

Discovering your companies values, mission, and vision is a big part of setting up your self for success. Green Point brings your management team together to discover the benefits of a healthy leadership team.

Organizational Checkup

Healthy organizations have a balance of good business practices; procedures; balance personal and family life. Green Point helps to implement these systems and give order to your life.

New Service Startups

We help you start up that new service that you want, implementing faster and stronger. Based on years of experience you will be up and running in half the time of an inhouse attempt.

Marketing Support

We help you to understand and implement your branding and position in the market place. We can help you understand and implement a strategic marketing plan that includes content, digital, and marketing software.


  • Sales and key account management training – onsite or thru a webinar format
  • Helping you set up sales systems and sales tracking